Grants and subsidies for photovoltaic solar installation

NextGen subsidies: up to 45% of the value of your installation

The Next Generation EU funds are grants aimed at boosting renewable energies and reducing CO2 emissions. This means that you can achieve savings in the value of your installation of up to 45%. An additional saving that your solar panels will generate from the first day and that in Energías Renovables H.G. we process for you so you do not have to worry about anything.

Grants are available while supplies last and on a first-come, first-served basis.

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IBI and IRPF rebates

Did you know that you can save up to 50% and up to 5 years in IBI depending on your municipality? You can also deduct between 20% and 60% in personal income tax depending on the requirements you meet, so you can deduct up to 15,000 euros in your income tax return.

We inform you about everything and prepare all the documentation so that you can easily apply at your town hall.

At ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES HG, we are here to inform you of everything you need so that you can receive all possible subsidies/bonuses.

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Do you have any doubts? We have answers to all of them.

What do I have to do to get the Next Generation EU grant?

Nothing. We will only ask you to authorize us so that we can process everything for you. We handle everything for you, adapting to the legislation of your Autonomous Community and ensuring that the money arrives directly to your bank account.

Will you manage the grant for me?

Of course! From our Engineering Department, we follow each procedure closely, contacting frequently with the public administration to update everything about it.

What does the percentage assigned depend on?

The subsidy percentage varies depending on the characteristics of the facility and the size of the municipality. The public agencies have the final say on the percentage of the grant that is finally allocated but we will always try to get you the maximum amount possible.

Can I apply for several Next Generation grants? Is it compatible with IBI?

Only one Next Generation application is allowed per ultimate aid recipient and per location. However, these subsidies are compatible with the IBI and IRPF rebates established by each municipality.

How much could you save?

In this example, the total cost of the installation is €5,231 including VAT. However, thanks to the NextGen Subsidy (45%) and the IBI Bonus (300€), the customer only has to pay 2,577€. These grants make the adoption of sustainable technologies more accessible, promoting energy efficiency and care for the environment.