Virtual Battery, Solar Piggy Bank and Solar Wallet.

Compensation of self-consumption surpluses.

You already know that in order to increase the savings of your solar panel installation you can take advantage of the self-consumption mode with compensation for surpluses. In the free market, the supplier always keeps a higher profit margin.
However, this modality has its limitations. For example, in the months when you have more photovoltaic production, you can get to the point where the consumption part of energy of your bill is 0, and all the rest of your energy If you continue to pour into the network that month, it will be a gift we give to the marketing company, since surpluses are not saved from one month to the next.

This is why emerging trading companies are starting to offer systems that allow you to benefit much more from your surpluses. We are talking about systems such as the solar piggy bank, the solar wallet or the virtual battery which, although they do not compensate you for all surpluses (the free market suppliers always keep a profit margin from the compensation), they increase the advantages of surplus compensation.

At ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES HG, we want to keep you updated on the latest news that can help maximize photovoltaic self-consumption.

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